I am almost done with my JonBenet Ramsey paper for my Critical Analysis grad course. As stated before it was a difficult paper to write for no other reason than I hate writing about the murder of a young child. What darkness there is in the heart of man to snuff out the lightness in the heart of a child?

Charlotte is still well. No baby black widows yet. She guards the egg sac like a sentinel. Only pausing in her guard to feast upon her cricket and gypsy moth diet.

I have been playing my most favoritist MUD of all times, Temporal Rift. Yes, it’s an alternate world. I have two characters there. Both dragons, one is a Paladin and the other an Assassin. I’ve gotten over a billion gold pieces. Both my characters have been fixed so that they no longer have to eat or drink, because I got special tokens (no eat and no drink). This is such a relief not having to provide food or water to my electronic personae. One day will man achieve sentient electronic immortality?

As I progress in my journey in life I realize the beauty that surrounds me and how I wish I could just stop the current moment and exist in it perfectly. I think that being with God forever will be like the most perfect moment captured in time but still flowing timelessly. I remember when I was SCUBA diving off the coast of Panama and how I rolled over on my back at the bottom of the ocean and could see the Sun and her rays drifting diffusively down->wards barely touching me with her golden light. The fish were all about in their gravity free dance, watching me, watching them.

Pray for me while I finish my paper about a blessed child smitten by evil that no darkness will enter my heart.

Life. Be it.

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