Jon Benet Ramsey

Well . . . I ran at noon. Legs are jello. I am sleepy. I want to go to sleep. My cat is here on her back wanting me to scratch her belly. My son has a visitor. My daughter is mean. She will not share her Red Twists with me. I took some anyway. She just likes to tease me.

It is hard to concentrate when tired. I gotta read stuff about Jon Benet Ramsey. I got their house floor plans off the Internet, the girl’s autopsy, tons of other stuff. I got about ten hypothesis about the murder to write about. It’s gonna be an easy paper to write. Criminal analysis is easy to write about since it’s so methodical.

I still don’t like writing about it. Don’t like reading it either. I totally understand why police detectives appear aloof to us neophytes. It could tear a person to pieces.

I also just don’t get why writing about a girl’s murder is part of a Management Graduate program. I can understand Statistics and what not, but criminal analysis? Please. I guess that’s the problem when the school is geared to the “national security community.” Why can’t they have fine arts degrees for military folks?

OK, I am going back to being a mean military person again. You know that we are not really sensitive types with souls. Which is another gripe I have about some of our folks here and that’s the stereotyping that goes on. So what if I am a baby killer? Whoops, that’s not me. That’s the murderer of Jon Benet.

Stereotyping I imagine is good for people. It makes them feel better because they are on some imaginary moral high ground. What I have discovered about some of our anti-war buds (the ones that think we are baby killers) are pro-abortion. Tell me if that’s not a dichotomy!

OK, if I am not careful, I am going to lose friends. I am going to get cut off. Well, good, leave.

Man, I am tired. Look how cranky I am.

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