Homosexuality and I am …

Reading the threads on the church’s stand on homosexuality.

Jesus would probably say “shame, shame’ on the pharisees and scribes in the group now. He came to love and love and love. Not spout Dogma.

If the first words out of your mouth is not one of love, then you can take your noisy gong and shove it. Love purifies all desires, wishes, and dreams. Not dogma, not the church! It is Jesus.

Jesus loves the broken people. He came for the broken hearted. Not for the ones who have all the answers. If you drive people away from our Holy Mother Church in this form or in any other way, you are burdened with blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Think about that you pharisees and scribes on this most important day. The day that Jesus took up the cross so that he could lift sinful humanity back to heaven. You know the rules, but you don’t know LOVE. You know your rule books, and have you forgotten that God is LOVE. He is not about blame. He is not about putting the people he loves in categorical boxes of darkness. He is about removing the tears from our eyes.

Our God is an awesome God, he reigns in heaven and earth!

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