What is Peace?

For me it is a state of mind. It is an absence of conflict and war. It’s like having neighbors who help each other when ever a need arises. It’s like a beautiful relaxing remote island the mind creates (with all the Pina Colades a person can drink). It’s like a dance club where everyone is just bouncing around like happy Tiggers high on the beauty and hot bodies of everyone. It’s like being in a laundromat late at night doing clothes and having a beautiful somebody coming in and talking about love, peace and justice. It’s like 30 minutes later making love on the top of the spinning washing machines, sweaty entwined. Peace is being with your best friends talking about quantum electrodynamics drinking the best Tequila in the world. Peace is later lying on one’s back in the middle of a grassy field drunk as skunk watching the stars in their quiet dance of the night; with your friends near by laughing at the way the stars fade in and out of space-time irregularities, looking for that silly bottle of Tequila (or was it coconut rum?).

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