Snowing on Sunday

It is snowing. Big fat wet flakes of snow. Melting as fast as it hits the ground.

The spider ate one of the crickets. Interesting animal.

Read “How to Lie with Statistics” by Darrell Huff. I read it along time ago (around 1983) for a Statistics class when I was in college. Had to read it again for my graduate course in Research Methods. It is still a good book to read.

I am going out to California (San Diego) for a legal conference. So I am doing all my homework for the next three weeks today.

I like school. I am taking school through the Internet. Not as much fun as a real classroom, but I save time and money by doing it at home. No driving, no walking, no hassle. Unfortunately, I miss the intimate dialog of having a fellow student next to me.

I like the give and take of discussion and negotiating. One of my most favorite jobs of all I had in the military involved negotiating. I was good at it. Maybe when I retire from the Army in two years (or more if I want), I’ll get a similar job.

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