Lent Begins.

Back to work today. It sucked. Not that anything bad happened. It just sucks. I felt like being some where else. I wish I had cool people to work with. People with values and love of life. Joie de vivre. Whoops, I used french, and France is our enemy. Not mine, at least. I guess I have an issue with the chaos in the world. I see we are the cause of the chaos. So much uncertainty. So much doubt. And it’s all our fault. A nation such as ours, blessed by God, and we waste the blessings on bullshit stuff like war. Yesterday, I was thinking how much it would cost our country to totally socialize medicine (based on the German system) and provide every living soul in America free health care. It actually doesn’t cost alot. It is quite cheap compared to how much a cr u is e m is s i le costs.

I don’t like taxes anymore than the next person. But to wantonly stop taxes for political favor is just plain stupid. Isn’t it? How can we pay for the services we require, if we don’t collect taxes. We are getting hosed. The economy based on the republican plan will only cause further ruin. I thought we were doing so well with the democrats.

What happened? Is it me or is something very wrong in America? Is it me or are we heading down the path where the angels fear to tread? I remember in school there was a group of bullies that I absoluted despised. They were mean. Are we being mean now to our very allies? As you know mean people suck.

We have chosen a path of darkness.

I remember what Yoda said to the young Anakin: Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering, suffering leads to death.

Please tell me I am not crazy for thinking this way. We gotta wake up. We are in danger of ruin with our pejorative attitude towards the world.

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