I love Wal-Mart and Conservatism

Toaster oven died
this morning.

Sparks flew.
Ozone filled the air.

Anyway made a trip to Wal-Mart to get a new toaster oven. Ended up buying The Ring and The Snow Queen. The Snow Queen is a Hallmark fantasy film. Bought me some hiking clothes: lycra, polyester stuff. It keeps water wicked away from the skin. Got a pair of cool spandex/lycra blended underwear. Feels good when you wear them and looks nice as well. My wife got a couple of things. She got the toaster oven and some bras.

Now for conservatism. I am 40. I don’t look 40. I sure as the hell don’t act like what I think 40 year old males should be acting like. My wife made a comment that is kind of true (ok, maybe more than kind of true). She stated that I am getting to be like my parents. Fear and dread filled my mind. What was I doing that made her think I was like my parents. Both of whom are in their 70s. It was recycling. I like to recycle. Almost everything is recyclable. To include used Ziploc bags. She finds that really odd. So in that regard I am conservative. Conserving our worlds resources is a theme in my life. I cannot stand to throw perfectly good empty bottles away; even if they are going to the recycling center. Because you know they are just going to crush them anyway.

Oh well.


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