The Russian Federation and Her Allies

My website is fairly protected.  I dare not say hack-proof; but fairly secure.  

Yea, so when I see that goobs from the Russian Federation attempt to hack me; I block all traffic from the place where it seems only icky things come from.

I wonder if Trumpypoo comes from Russiapoo too.

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Listening to Music That Throbs

I like listening to music with the volume set so high that it makes my body throb; as if waves of energy are pulsing through me.  

I like listening to music that has that beat that makes me want to move and dance and raise my hands to the one above.

I like listening, yes, to music, but I like listening.  I like listening to the world as she moves through the celestial vacuum, circling a beautiful star.  I like listening to people talk in a language I don’t know.  They could be saying anything.  For me, they are saying only the best things; only the most beautiful things fitting for an Earth circling a beautiful sun.

And when I hear people talk in a language I know, it is of war and strife and violence; and it scares me.  The most powerful who speak my language say the words that wreck havoc without a clue to the damage they do to our Mother Earth, our world circling, our beautiful Sun.

So, I listen to music that makes me throb and when I think of dark things grotesquely inspired by speakers of my native tongue, I turn it up a little louder, and the One above hears it as well and takes me to where He is; and we dance together in Holy Embrace, and this Earth, our Mother Earth, may yet continue to circle a beautiful Sun. 

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The Prince of this World

I wonder why it is so easy for my brother and sister believers to be caught up so easily by the prince of this world.  He is a child of the father of lies.  He is astute at lies, yet many fall for his lies.  Those who claim to have been washed by the blood of the Lamb bleat after this abomination like the goats they are, thus revealing the love they have for the prince of darkness.  They reveal their love for this world which will pass away into the darkness.

If you do not struggle mightily against this abomination and put on the armor of God, you will fall for his lies.  Do not do this.  He is a lie.  His stench is from the darkness that shrouds him like pigmented tempura paint gone bad.

If you want your blessings in this world, you will have them.  When in the course of time, you come before the Lord and ask for His Blessings, He will turn you away and give them to those who had none.

Reject the promise of glory now.  There is none.  There is only death when you take the crown of this world.    

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I made it to a second interview for a really cool job in Charlottesville. I’m suppose to hear from them today or soon. If I get it, I’ll be a pig in mud on a nice warm Spring day! Here’s to hoping.

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My Life as a Platypus

I like the platypus.  I like that particular animal because there is no box that can satisfactorily describe him.

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